Interview: What can we learn from the experiences of SOS Relief, Globe Aroma, Common Wallet and The Post Collective with sharing money?  10 Mar 2023

Sharing money sounds cool. But it needs extra concern to make ‘solidarity’ rhyme with ‘community’. Philippine Hoegen (SOS Relief), Anna Rispoli (Common Wallet) and Elli Vassalou (Globe Aroma & The Post Collective) share their different experiences. “To avoid that the sharing of money turns into charity, you need to think about equity. How to be comrades in a collective struggle?”

How art works collectively

The tenth edition of the Visite festival, from 17 to 20 November 2022, focused on collectives. A public conversation put the finger on practices, possibilities and stumbling blocks of working together as migrant women artists. The article is a discussion with the women2women collective and the post film collective moderated by Visite curator Eva van Tongeren.

a collective of collectives

Collective of collectives is a proposal by The Post Collective for Catalyst CIRCLUSION, the collective research of Te(n) cuidado on the role of care in the cultural sector and especially in the organization of cultural collectives and self-managed organizations (2021-2022). Through the motivation of understanding Catalyst CIRCLUSION itself as a collective of collectives, the words and diagrams that follow invite us to reflect on the consequences and challenges any collective may face when it forges close connections and affiliations with other collectives and other groups.

how to get into school in (not so) simple steps_4 stories

illustrations and text contribution on the publication:
Stijn Van Dorpe, Sarah Késenne: ‘School of Equals’, Grafische Cel , LUCA School of Arts, 2021

Building Spaces for Change

Interview of the Post Collective by Eva De Groote for
Ruimte voor kunst – case #9: The Post Collective, building spaces for change

A Design Collective and The Hive

by Marcus Bergner
Published in“in-proximity-to-the-arts”.
This online platform is a new shoot-off of the publication put together by the artist collective Borgerstraat Studios Rotterdam. As a parallel program to Art Rotterdam, an annual booklet with photographs from contemporary visual art works accompanied by discursive texts is published.

Good practices against sexism and decolonization in art schools
 Rekto/Verso, article contribution with open design course, 2019